Saturday, 19 July 2014

Woodland Seeds

As part of the Amey Cespa grant the Trustees intended on purchasing a packet of Wildflower Meadow seeds. 

In November 2013 I was looking for information about creating meadow flower seed beds and needed to know the approximate size of the seed packets.   I was informed that along with the meadow flower seeds a packet of ‘Woodland Grasses’ had been mistakenly purchased.

At the AGM May 2013 I asked if/where the woodland grass seeds had been sown.   I was informed they had been planted ‘in the woods’.   I couldn't find any earth that looked recently turned, so on the 15th June I emailed the Chair and asked for an approximate location of the Woodland grasses.  I received no response.

The Trustees have written about the meadow flowers arising from the seeds and the bulbs they have planted, so why has there been no mention at all of the woodland grasses?    

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